Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is a series of paintings, displayed as a unit, that explores the power of visual metaphor to contain the complexity of trauma. In the beginning, there's a strong emotional connection to the subjects in the still life. Together, they reveal a story of trapped spirits that are freed through the painting process.

spirited, 7x5" SOLD
apple and papaya seed, 7x5" $800
plenty, 7x5" $800
good night, 6x6" $800
resolved to objects, 6x5" SOLD
desire, 5x6" $800
reflection, 5x7", $800
origin of id, 5x6" SOLD
wheel of fortune, 5x6", $800
overflow, 5x6", SOLD
Phoenix Rises, 5x7", $800
Ophelia, 5x6", $600
Forbidden, 6x5", $800
Safety First, 7x5", $800
Mother Nature, 6x6", $800
Embrace, 5x6", SOLD
Prize Breeder,7x5", $800
Rice Angel, 5x6", $800
Protector, 5x6", $800
Tarty Erma, 5x6", $800
Trophy Breeder, 5x6", SOLD
Taxi Erma, 6x5", $800
Sore Eggs, 6x5", $600
Francis Bacon, 5x6", $600
Pom, 5x6", SOLD
coupled, 5x6" $600

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